Because of Tucson’s fabulous weather, outdoor entertainment is available year round.

Spring weather begins in late February and is usually celebrated during the annual Tucson de los Vaqueros parade and rodeo. School children take a few days off to participate and workers “cowboy up” for fun and to raise money for various charities. Enjoy the world’s longest non-mechanized parade from along the parade route then join the riders at the rodeo grounds for a week of bulls, broncs and baby mutton riders.

Enjoy a relaxing motorcoach tour of several of our most popular tours, including a TOMBSTONE ADVENTURE and cool off at KARTCHNER CAVERNS OR IN WINE COUNTRY. Or take in the annual Gem and Mineral Show where Tucson becomes a real “jewel in the desert”.

Summer time doesn’t mean that Tucson rolls up its sidewalks. With the advent of mid-day heat, the town swings into nighttime mode. Serious physical activities start at around 5 am as the sun comes up. As things start to heat up, take in a cool drink, a long lunch from any of our fine restaurants, and head out to one of our waterparks or LOUNGE BY THE POOL as you charge your batteries for the evening.

Late fall is the most magical time in the desert.  There is still plenty of bloom here as most trees and bushes stay green throughout the year.  Lawns remain lush while visitors and natives alike travel up Mount Lemmon to take in the changing colors of the trees.

During the winter, only the very late evenings get inhospitable, although it has been known to snow here during the daytime. That signals a run to the nearby mountains for skiing and snowboarding. Most days warrant only a coat and maybe a pair of gloves.

From citywide bicycle races, to free symphony performances on the park lawn, to an outdoor movie in the elegant La Placita shopping plaza (black and white vintage movies only here) there’s always something happening in Tucson.

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