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Don’t have a clue where to begin?  We’ve published a guide to planning a houseboat vacation at

This is the biggest boat at Bridge Bay Resort at Lake Shasta.  The plan includes a “penthouse”, a small enclosed padded room on top ideal for children’s play area or sleep area (accommodates four).  This is the perfect boat for families.  Sleeps 13, ideal for groups of 10. 56'X15'. Cabin 12'3"x35'. Generator & Air  Conditioner.  This boat is available at Echo Bay at Lake Mead and Katherine’s Landing at Lake Mohave. 

Standard amenities:

  • Sleeps 13 comfortably
  • 56' x 15'
  • Cabin: 12' 3" x 35', Penthouse 8’ x 14’ x 5’
  • Evaporative cooler or AC
  • Generator / 110 AC plugs / 8.5kw
  • Microwave oven
  • Blender / toaster / coffee maker
  • Standard gas 4 burner stove / oven
  • Gas barbecue (free propane)
  • Complete kitchen: dishes, flatware, pots / pans, dish soap, drinking glasses
  • Walk-in closet
  • AM/FM cassette stereo w / CD jack
  • Twin 60hp Evinrude outboard motors
  • Cruise speed - 8 -10mph max
  • Two 100 gallon fuel tanks
  • 45 gallon fresh water tank
  • 160 gallon holding tank
  • 178 quart supplementary ice chest
  • Full-size bathroom with shower (handicap rails and hand shower)
  • Secondary bathroom w/ vanity and toilet
  • Large size upper deck with full rail
  • 10 deck chairs
  • 2 refrigerators
  • Swim platform / ladder on rear of boat

Grand Sierra Rental Rates - 2013

May 24 - 27 (Memorial Day) & June 10 - September 2

  January 1 - June 9  (ex. Memorial Day May 24 - 27) and September 3 - December 31

3 days,
2 nights

4 days,
3 nights

7 days,
6 nights

3 days,
2 nights

4 days,
3 nights

7 days,
6 nights







Rates subject to change with National Park Service approval.  Rates do not include deposits, fuel or oil.


HOUSEBOATS are rented by the DAY not by the night. The  houseboat must be fueled and back by 4:00 p.m. on the last day of rental.  Houseboats may only be operated during daylight hours.

MINIMUM RENTAL is 3 days, 2 nights for houseboats during the summer season. Shorter rentals are available with marina approval during the value season. During the Summer Season, boarding is available any day of the week  except Wednesday and Thursday. The rate will be determined at the time of  booking.

EARLY BOARDING: For a $200 fee, you may load and sleep on  your houseboat the night prior to your departure. YOU MAY NOT LEAVE THE MARINA.  On the day of your arrival, you will receive instruction on operating the boat  and you may depart first thing in the morning, after your official checkout. WE  HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS OPTION. It will save you a great deal of time in loading  your boat and money on the cost of hotel rooms should you have a large group.

HOUSEBOAT BOARDING begins at 7 a.m. in the summer season and  8 a.m. September 3 through June 8. For scheduling, check with marina office upon  arrival. Houseboats must be returned, fueled and unloaded by 4 p.m. on the  afternoon of the last day. They offer several boating schedules to accommodate  your vacation needs.

GENERAL FEATURES include air conditioning, 110 volt power, 1  propane refrigerator (2 on board the Grand Sierra), blender, toaster, coffee  maker, microwave, CD player, 4 burner propane stove with oven, gas  barbecue, deck chairs, paper towels, toilet paper and eating/cooking  utensils. There are no VHF (marine) radios on any boats, it is highly  recommended you bring a cellular telephone (there are cigarette plug-ins for  recharging). A complete list is available below for each houseboat type.

For other important information, PLEASE READ THE FAQ  CAREFULLY!

CONFIRMATION DEPOSIT: A booking deposit of $300.00 per boat  is required within 7 days of our making your reservation and will be applied to  your rental fee. The balance of the rental, plus a $500.00 security deposit is  due 45 days prior to your scheduled boarding date. The security deposit will be  refunded when the houseboat is returned undamaged and with the inventory intact, and fully refueled.  Reservations that are booked within 30 days of arrival must be paid in full  within 3 days of our making your reservation.

FULL HOUSEBOAT PAYMENT is required 45 days prior to departure date.  Visa, Mastercard or Discover accepted.  American Express is not accepted.

CANCELLATION POLICY:- If you must cancel, notify us in  writing. Any cancellation, which is, received 45 or more days prior to the  scheduled boarding date will result in a refund of your booking deposit, less a  $50.00 service charge per boat. Reservation changes made 45 or more days prior  to the scheduled boarding date will be processed upon payment of a $50.00  service charge. ANY CANCELLATION OR CHANGE RECEIVED LESS THAN 45 DAYS PRIOR TO  YOUR SCHEDULED BOARDING DATE WILL RESULT IN LOSS OF THE ENTIRE RENTAL FEE. IF  THE HOUSEBOAT IS RE-RENTED, YOUR PAYMENT, LESS A $300.00 SERVICE CHARGE, WILL BE  REFUNDED.

ACCEPTABLE RENTAL AND DEPOSIT PAYMENT include money order,  cashier's check, travelers check, MasterCard, VISA or Discover. No personal  checks or American Express accepted.

OPERATION: Customer is checked out on all procedures at the  marina. No special boat license is needed, only respect for the size of the craft, its engines, basic boating rules and courtesy. Anchoring the boat for the night requires lifting and pounding stakes with a sledgehammer.

RENTALS Houseboat renters you must be age 21 or older with valid passport or auto driver's license, with photo, from any country or International drivers license. For power boats and personal watercraft rentals  you must be at least age 18 with a valid passport or auto driver's license, with  photo, from any country or International drivers license.

A $25 surcharge will be added to the rental fee for each person above the stated number that the boat sleeps. The legal limit on a houseboat which sleeps  6 is a maximum of seven passengers. On houseboats which sleep 8, the maximum  number of passengers is nine. On houseboats which sleep 10, the maximum number of passengers is twelve. On houseboats which sleep 13, the maximum number of  passengers is 16.

LINENS: Bring  your own linens.

PET POLICY: Pets are welcome at Bridge Bay on houseboats with no fee, however, a deposit is required for hotel rooms.  Pets MUST BE ON A LEASH while at the marinas and in other “public” areas.  You are responsible for cleaning up after your animals.

NO REBATES for late arrival or early returns, for whatever reason.

Please make your reservations at Shasta Houseboat Reservations



Rates and amenities subject to change.

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