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NEVER BEEN TO SEDONA? Here's a quick guide to help you get started.

Hello, my name is Shelly James and I am here to help you plan a memorable vacation. I have been providing travel advice via the Internet since 1995. I live in Northern Arizona and answer hundreds of questions about vacationing there every year. I used to live in Sedona and I travel there frequently.

I have tried to address the most frequently asked questions in an easy-to-read format. However, if you find yourself in need of additional assistance, feel free to drop me an E-MAIL and I will help if possible. And yes, I really do answer my mail -- and generally within 24 hours.


Sedona is pricey -- very pricey. My guess is that you will pay $25 to $50 more per night for a comparable hotel room in Flagstaff, Tusayan or Page. This is a beautiful community of art galleries, fine dining, exquisite resorts and golf courses. If you’ve got the budget, you can spend a week in Sedona and not get to everything on a “to-do” list.

If you are on a budget, you can still enjoy Sedona by taking day trips from nearby FLAGSTAFF, which is about 30 miles away through the incredible scenic drive of Oak Creek Canyon, or you can take the Interstate. Flagstaff is a larger community and you’ll have more choices in accommodations and dining. If you are a family, this may be a better option. Cottonwood is also a good choice as an alternative.

If you can swing an overnight in Sedona, I highly recommend it. This community embodies the feel Phoenix USED to be known for, but has lost to surburban sprawl. In my opinion, it is one of Arizona’s last true resort towns.


Any time of the year is great to visit Sedona, but the busiest months for travel are April and October. And when there is a greater demand prices usually go up. If you are planning a trip to the Grand Canyon, a stop in Sedona is a must.  The weather is usually mild.


If you’re a golfer, you don’t need my advice.  You’ll find plenty of opportunities to play a round or two.

If you are looking for great ways to spend your time, I highly recommend a Verde Canyon Railroad tour with the chuckwagon dinner.  This is an interesting day trip and great for famlies.  And the tours are reasonably priced, too. If you are looking for more adventure, try an ATV tour.

I enjoy strolling through the charming shops and art galleries of Sedona and the Village of Oak Creek. But my favorite activity of all is to drive Oak Creek Canyon, stopping to scramble down to the water here and there. There is a serenity in the canyon that I’ve never found anywhere else in Arizona. When I lived in Sedona, I made that drive every Sunday and never tired of it. This is spectacular in Autumn.


There are numerous hiking trails in Sedona but there’s something you’ll need to get started: a Red Rock Pass. You’ll need to display this pass in your vehicle for parking in the National Forest and at all trailheads. The daily fee is nominal ($5). See our hiking page for more info.

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