Houseboats are popular with families and are an ideal way to spend several days enjoying Lake Mead.

Reserving one can be tricky, requires a bit of patience and a lot of time. Organization is the key.  Determine your ideal dates, number of people in the group and amenities you would like. And then, make a backup plan.

I have published a guide to planning a houseboat trip at

There are STILL plenty of houseboats available for this summer, however, you should try to be flexible. We give you an opportunity to select second choices, so consider what you will accept. If you are not flexible and your reservation is not available, NOW would be a good time to make a request for next year.

If you are determined to plan a houseboat trip, and your Lake Mohave date is not available this year, consider Lake Shasta, or  Lake Powell.  Lake Powell is more expensive, but also more scenic.

In my experience, too many people trying to coordinate vacation schedules takes the fun out of the excursion. The smaller the party, the more I've enjoyed my vacation. I have found four to six people to be ideal.

The question I ask people when they are trying to decide on the number of days is this: How long would you allow yourself to be locked in a hotel room with this group? For me, five days is pretty much the maximum.