Love crowds of people? Then choose Memorial Day, Independence Day or Labor Day for your vacation. Otherwise, avoid major holiday weekends. Spring break is another very busy time of year.  The Harley Run is next to impossible to find rooms.

If you want to swim, water ski or just get wet, you won't want to go before June. It takes a long time to warm up that much water. The lake is likely to be more inviting in October than in May. Conversely, it takes a long time to cool down that many millions of gallons. September is ideal as often the water temperature is higher than the air temperature and the lake is like a giant bath. July and August are extremely busy months.

If you don't care about swimming, consider November, December or January for your trip. You'll find some great specials and the lake is virtually deserted. If you like to fish, your best bet is March, April or May, but be prepared for tournaments, college students on Spring Break, wind and possibly cold weather.