Why Mohave?

Lake Mohave is a small lake at only 67 miles, but has more interesting features than Lake Mead.  Personally, I prefer Mohave over Lake Mead because of its canyon feeling.

Another nice feature is you are just minutes away from Laughlin and Bullhead City and it's thriving night life of casinos, entertainment and meals.  From Katherine's Landing or Cottonwood Cove, you can be playing cards in a matter of minutes, plus you'll find all the services you need.

The lodge at Katherine Landing is rustic and I prefer the kitchen units so I can relax and prepare my own meals.  It's more of a fishing lodge than a resort motel.  I've always found the rooms to be clean.  Here's a big secret, there is a house you can rent with a fenced yard.  Shhhh, don't tell anyone because it's already pretty difficult to secure.