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at Lake Powell

There are six marinas on Lake Powell: Dangling Rope, Wahweap, Bullfrog, Hall's Crossing, Hite and Antelope Point. Driving distances by land are up to six hours between marinas, it is best to understand the location of each marina, the amenities offered and services in the area. You should choose Wahweap Marina unless another marina is closer.

Dangling Rope Marina

Dangling Rope Marina is located approximately 40 lake miles from Glen Canyon Dam and 55 lake miles from Hall's and Bullfrog Marinas. It is a stop along the way to Rainbow Bridge. There is no land access to Dangling Rope and you cannot rent houseboats, powerboats, etc. from this marina. There is no launch ramp. The marina is basically a fuel stop for boaters on their way up lake or down lake. In additional to fuel, there is a small marina store offering the best soft serve ice cream around, in addition to basic supplies. When boating on Lake Powell, never pass this marina without topping off your fuel tanks!

Wahweap Marina

Wahweap Marina is located approximately 3 lake miles from Glen Canyon Dam and 6 land miles from the town of Page, Arizona. Wahweap is by far the largest marina on the lake.  There are number of businesses in nearby Page, including grocery stores, hotels , tours operators and restaurants.  Unless another marina is closer to you to make driving to Wahweap unfeasible, you should start your vacation here.

It is strongly recommended that you arrange for lodging prior to your visit if you are travelling from May through October. If all hotels are sold out (which does happen), it may be several hundred miles to the next city with available lodging. Generally, if all hotels are sold out in Page, then all lodging in nearby towns are full as well.

Because Lake Powell is becoming popular for filming movies and commercials as well as fishing tournaments, it is not unusual for large blocks of hotel rooms to be booked a year or more in advance, and even during the off-season. Play it safe, book lodging as soon as you have decided on a vacation date.

Page, Arizona offers  two chain grocery stores, a super Wal-Mart (ideal for houseboat stocking), many hotels, condominiums, bed and breakfasts, restaurants, land based tours, boat and personal watercraft rental companies,etc. The population is approximately 8,100 people and focuses heavily on tourism-related businesses. There is a small airport in Page which offers scheduled air service from Phoenix and Las Vegas, charter flights as well as scenic air tours.  Wahweap marina offers shuttle service from Lake Powell Resort and the airport.

Wahweap Marina operates on Arizona time, which during most of the season is one-hour earlier than Utah. The Navajo Indian Reservation does not recognize Arizona time. It is important to know which time zone is recognized for tours, rentals, etc.

From Phoenix, Page is approximately a 5-hour drive. To reach Page, take I-17 north to Flagstaff, then Highway 89 to Page. It's pretty much a straight shot. Please note that there are very few services between Flagstaff and Page and no rest areas . This portion of the highway travels through the Navajo Indian reservation -- you are likely to encounter livestock along the way. It is a two-lane highway, so watch for animals, rocks, and oncoming traffic and obey the speed limits. There is usually no problem towing a boat or driving an RV along this stretch.

From Las Vegas, Page is also approximately a 5-hour drive. Take I-15, go thru St. George, Utah and turn right on Hwy 9. You will see a sign to "Zion National Park". It will take you right into Zion. When leaving, stay on Hwy 9 until you connect with Hwy 89 at Mt. Carmel Jct. Turn right on Hwy 89 and it will lead you right into Page. Services are available along most of the route. Please note that there is often road construction along the way, but towing a boat is generally no problem.

Bullfrog Marina

The second largest marina on Lake Powell, Bullfrog is located approximately 70 land miles from Hanksville, Utah and 95 lake miles from Glen Canyon Dam. It is also located across from Hall's Crossing Marina.

Both marinas are connected via the John Atlantic Burr Ferry, an extension of Highway 276. You can take your car, trailer or RV on the ferry, the cost is more per foot for trailers and RV's. The ferry operates on a first-come, first-served basis, so it is recommended you arrive 30 minutes before schedule departure (your vehicle will wait in line). If you MUST get across using the ferry, or if you are taking the last scheduled service across, be there earlier. The trip takes 20 to 30 minutes and is quite enjoyable.

When visiting Bullfrog, we recommend staying at Ticaboo Lodge, just 12 miles from the marina or at Defiance House Lodge at the marina.

The nearest town is Hanksville, Utah, which offers few services and amenities, so it is strongly recommended you arrange your vacation to start from Wahweap Marina. It is not unusual for all accommodations at both Bullfrog and Hall's to be completely sold out months in advance.

Bullfrog Marina operates on Utah time.

To reach Bullfrog from Hanksville, go south on I-95 to highway 276. This highway will take you into Bullfrog Marina. The roads are well posted. Please note that on highway 12 and highway 24 to Hanksville, you are likely to encounter livestock, deer, rabbits, coyotes, etc. Go slow! Although there are a number of graded dirt roads that SEEM to be a shortcut, these are not recommended if you are towing a boat, driving an RV or if there have been recent rains. Stick to the main highway. Generally, these dirt roads are not shortcuts as your speed will be greatly reduced. Always carry plenty of water and supplies as there are few services between small towns.

Hall's Crossing Marina

Hall's Crossing is earned the name of "the smiling marina".

Hall's Crossing Marina is located 95 lake miles from Glen Canyon Dam and approximately 90 land miles from Blanding, Utah. In Blanding, there are a number of grocery stores, hotels and air service. You may pre-order your foodstuff from Clark's Market for pickup on your way to Hall's Crossing Marina. A charter air service company is available to fly you into Blanding or straight to the marina. This service is available from Golden Eagle, a company that also runs the air ambulance service. For flight information call 1-435-678-3222 or e-mail

Hall's Crossing Marina operates on Utah time.

To reach Hall's Crossing from Blanding, Utah, take Highway 95 to the turnoff at 276. The roads are well posted. Please note that Highway 276 is open grazing land and there is livestock all along the route. Go slow! There is no problem towing a boat along this highway, just be careful. Although there "appears" to be shortcut through the Goosenecks State Park (highway 261 north of Mexican Hat), it is actually longer because your speed will be greatly reduced. This road is not for the faint of heart, it is not well-maintained and consists of switchbacks. Do not try to tow a boat on highway 261. We do not recommend it under any circumstance. Play it safe, go through Blanding, Utah.

Hite Marina


Hite Marina, on the northern most tip of Lake Powell, is very isolated. Hite is known for floating driftwood and offers very little services.

There is no lodge, and no RV park, only primitive camping. There is a marina store at Hite.

Hite is not recommended in the off-season as services are extremely limited.

Hite is approximately 90 miles from Blanding, Utah (take Highway 95 straight to the marina). From Hanksville, take Highway 95 straight to Hite Marina.

Antelope Point

The newest marina on Lake Powell, Antelope Point was opened in July, 1999.  The first phase of construction was completed May, 2004 and includes 80 wet slips, a 30-acre dry storage facility, covered fuel dock, a  new launch ramp, boat maintenance/repair facility, customer parking, and trailer  storage areas. 

There is a restaurant and lounge, marina store and snack bar open to the public.  The facilities are beautiful.  The concessioner offers shuttle service is offered up and down the ramp by electric cart.  This is a big plus for loading and unloading houseboats.

You may rent houseboats and powerboats. A National Park Entrance fee is required to enter.

Plans for the marina include a 225 room  resort.

Antelope Point offers a six-lane launch ramp that provides boat access to the original channel of the Colorado River.  There are courtesy docks, and large pull -through parking area, two restrooms and beach access road.

Food and supplies may be purchased at Wal-Mart in Page, located at Haul Road and Highway 89.

To reach Antelope Point marina from Page, take Coppermine Road south for 1.4 miles and turn left at State Route 98.  Travel east toward the powerplant for 2.1 miles.  Turn left at N22B (mile marker 299) and travel 4.5 miles to the entrance booth.

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