Houseboat Rentals at Lake Powell

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Clueless?  We have published a guide on how to plan a houseboat vacation at:

IMPORTANT: Unlike other reservation companies, we DO NOT charge a reservation fee to use our service.  You do not pay more to rent a houseboat through Canyon Country Online, LLC, however, this is not true for other reservation services who may charge a "processing fee." (Be sure to read the small print.) 



Frequently asked questions have been addressed on our faq.htm page.  

If you send us mail, or make a reservation with us, be advised that YOUR NAME WILL NOT BE SOLD ON A MAILING LIST AND EACH MESSAGE RECEIVES A PERSONAL RESPONSE. We believe in personalized service -- we don't use an autoresponder.

Houseboating is by far one of the most popular activities at Lake Powell, therefore, demand is high. You can only rent houseboats from the authorized concessionaire on Lake Powell, or you can purchase a share in a houseboat (if you plan to travel here every year, this may be the option for you). "Shared ownership" houseboats differ from "timeshares" in that you are a part owner in the boat and you own the week until you sell it, or the corporation sells the boat. It cannot be traded.

Due to National Park Service regulations, you may not rent a houseboat from anyone other than the authorized concessionaire on the Lake. You may not rent a houseboat from a private owner or a corporation offering shares. Please do not write us and ask for a list of other houseboat rental companies, we only offer the concessionaire's boats. We recommend only reputable, legitimate companies!

If this is your first trip to Lake Powell, you may want to depart from Wahweap Marina, just six miles from Page, Arizona. If you would like information on the various marinas, please see our marinas.htm page.

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In Page, Arizona (Wahweap Marina) will have access to grocery stores, hotels, car rental agencies, the airport, etc. The only carrier between Phoenix and Page is Great Lakes. Rates and schedules are available at airlines.htm.  Charter flights are reasonable rates are available through Bullfrog Air 1-801-596-frog.

Other marinas are more isolated such as Bullfrog which is located 70 miles from Hanksville, Utah; Hall's Crossing; and Hite (Hall's Crossing is not renting boats due to the low lake level; Hite Marina is completely closed). 

If you are interested in exploring arches, ruins and petroglyphs, you will want to travel up the Escalante River arm of Lake Powell. You should plan on departing from either Bullfrog or Hall's Crossing marinas. You may not rent boats from Dangling Rope marina, but you can purchase fuel and supplies. Navigational maps, Arizona road maps, Navajo Nation maps may be purchased through us, see navmap.htm

What new visitors to Lake Powell don't understand is that although there is more than 1,800 miles of shoreline, most of it is virtually desolate -- this is the wilderness. The only services on the Lake are offered at the marinas and the rest of the lake is pristine shoreline. Other than those operated by the concessionaire, there are no motels, restaurants or homes along the shore. Therefore, you will need to bring just about everything with you or purchase groceries in town.

There is a super Wal-Mart in Page which is ideal for purchasing supplies for your trip.

If your vacation plans will be taking place during the summer months, you should try to reserve your houseboat about one year in advance; six months or more for off-season; two years for prime holiday weekends. HOWEVER, if you are flexible in your departure date and size of boats, you can still reserve a boat for the summer and fall seasons.  LAST MINUTE BOATS ARE USUALLY AVAILABLE.

National Park Service approves all rates and delays are common.

For rates and amenities, please select a houseboat size from the menu at the top of the page. 

Rates and amenities subject to change.

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