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Monument Valley

Let's address a technicality here first. Monument Valley isn't actually located in Arizona, but just across the stateline in Utah. It is 170 miles northeast of Flagstaff and a great stop on a scenic trip to Canyon de Chelly (pronounced da shay), Natural Bridges, Arches National Monument, Canyonlands and Navajo National Monument.

If your idea of the West is derived from memories of old John Wayne films, this destination will fulfill your expectations. A stop at the original 1920's Trading Post will take you through movie-making history to the distant past of Native American artifacts.

Accommodations are available at Gouldings Lodge, which offers all the conveniences -- from an indoor heated pool to a VCR in every room. Everything is located within close proximity -- the museum, theatre, gas station and lodge. There are also clean, modern campsites available from March 15 through October 31. For more information, call 1-800-874-0902.  Don't plan on staying overnight UNLESS YOU HAVE MADE ROOM RESERVATIONS IN ADVANCE.


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