Grand Canyon

If you went to the Grand Canyon as a child, you probably remember rustic lodges and scenic vistas.  Bryce Canyon is what the Grand Canyon USED to be some 30 or 40 years ago. 

Ruby’s Inn is the place to stay and you’ll have plenty of activities to choose from, whether hiking, helicopter tours or horseback riding.  Bryce is the ideal destination for families seeking the “traditional family vacation.”  Sure, stop and see the Grand Canyon, but then move on to some place where there are less people and less commercialization.

Many people try to see Bryce and Zion in the same day.  This is a big mistake.  You’ll spend most of your time driving and only get the most cursory experience of the panoramic views.

If you are limited in time, chose one park to explore and simply stop by the other.  Bryce is excellent for families looking for a variety of activities.  Zion is great for hikers and people who want more lodging options.  I prefer camping at Zion, but the views are more spectacular at Bryce.

Both locations are very remote, so have your overnight accommodations nailed down before you arrive.  In the winter months, the roads can get icy and it does snow, so be prepared for bad weather.

If you are visiting either of these parks exclusively, the closest major airport will be in Las Vegas, Nevada, with a smaller regional airport in St. George, Utah.  Both parks charge an entrance fee (generally around $20 each), but if you will be visiting other parks, be sure to purchase an annual park pass for about $50.

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