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Powerboats at Lake Powell

If you're renting a powerboat, you should be aware of a few things.  If you rent "in town" (meaning not on the Lake), you'll have to tow the boat to the lake, launch and retrieve it.  Your selection of boats will be greater and you'll usually save some money.  If you don't have boating experience, you'll need to rent from the marina and the boats are already on the water.  If you can't back up a trailer, rent from the marina.

A few things to keep in mind.  Never try to cross an open bay during a storm.  The swells have been known to swamp even larger boats in seconds -- and rescues are difficult to impossible.  A good marine radio or cell phone is recommended along with safety equipment.  Lake Powell is enormous and a wilderness area.  Keep that in mind when planning your excursion. 

Rates and amenities subject to change.

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