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Just for your information, we specialize in hosting websites for travel, retail, professional services and small businesses. 

We don’t host sites that I wouldn’t want my little brother to use like gaming, hacking, bulk email, auction payment systems, adult oriented stuff or anything we deem of “questionable” nature.  In fact, we reserve the right to refuse hosting or terminate hosting of any site for any reason. 

If your site fits into the above category, you probably should look else where for a hosting.

Now you have the perfect domain name, you’ll need to decide on hosting.  Hosting is where your pages are “parked” on a computer connected to the Internet. 


We often get asked if you move your domain, will people still be able to find you?  Will you have to contact the search engines again?  There’s no need to worry, you can move your pages as often as you like and never have to change your name or re-register your site. 

An important issue is how much “down time” does the hosting service experience.  Our server has an up time of 99.9%, which means your pages will be available for viewing almost all the time.  You won’t see too many hosting companies telling you this statistic because they either don’t know, or their server is down quite a bit.  We recommend you ask.

The next issue is cost.  Our rate is $45 a month, or a bit more (an additional $10 a month) if you have a great deal of traffic or many items for sale. We can tell you if you’ll have to pay more once we get a good idea of your site.

Want us to design the site as well?  We can do that, too.  Our fees start from about $250 for a smaller site with few pages and go up from there.  We can give you a good idea of costs once we understand the extent of your website.  We’ve designed dozens of sites for our satisfied customers.  Here’s a few examples:

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